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Collies rough and smooth

Rough and Smooth Collies Of Distinction 

We strive to Not FIX the breed but preserve it Internationally Known For Quality, Health, Temperament, And Type We breed to the Canadian Kennel Club  Standard, We are proud to have bred 160 Champions And Have Exported collies to 21countries 

We are proud to have collies in these countries 

USA, Australia, Switzerland, Finland, India, Germany, Italy, Netherlands , Belgium ,Scotland & England , Norway , Chez Republic .Spain , Portugal , Trinidad. Argentina ,Thailand . Poland , France, Bolivia  

I Refuse to lower my Standards to Accommodate those who refuse to Raise theirs

Showing is our" fun" BUT Health , Genetics and Temperament are our Priority 

LIFE Member of The CKC Canadian Kennel Club 

CHF Collie Health Foundation

AKC American Kennel Club

UKC United Kennel Club  


We are now listed On the Better Breeder Institute  website 

 All our dogs are DNA Tested  with 

2022-01-22 (1).png

Every breeder has the ability in a free society to "determine his or her own stopping point." But, a single breeder's actions may have consequences that are far-reaching. A breed is necessarily maintained by a society of breeders. As such, the actions of each breeder affects the actions of every breeder who dips their brush in the gene pool

Glasgowhill collies Rough and Smooth DNA tested

If what you see so far has peeked your interest  you have come to the right place please  enjoy our site 

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