Glasgowhill's Pablo Picasso 
I am  NOT and Never will be at Public Stud Sorry 

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Hi My name is Pablo 

CEA Carrier 

CERF Normal Eyed 

PRA Normal 

DM Normal 

MDR1 Normal

GCS Normal 

HUU Normal 

VWDII Normal 

OFA Hips Good 

Optigen DMS aabb low Risk 


Pablo's Parents 

BBPIS Can Ch Nightstar Mischief At Glasgowhill ,Cea Cerf Normal DNA Carrier ,PRA ,MDR1, DM Normal /Clear ,OFA hips Good 

Glasgowhill's A touch Of Color 

CEA Cref Normal DNA  Carrier ,PRA ,DM  ,MDR1 Non Carrier

Clear /Normal ,OFA hips Good 

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