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Welcome to our Champion Page  here you will find over 35 plus years of dedication to the breed and the breed standard . We love showing our dogs .But this has not been my only focus Glasgowhill Collies is well known for our dedication also to The health of this wonderful breed ,we will also include some dogs that were Exported  to other countries .So sit back grab a coffee or tea and enjoy our labor of love 

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Am Ch Glasgowhill's Undercover At Kaymann

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Fantasia Of Oroglenn

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Can Ch Glasgowhill's Walking On Sunshine 


Can Ch Glasgowhill's Maybe It Was Karma 


  Portugal Ch Glasgowhill's Viewers Choice


Best Puppy In Show Can Grand
Champion  Glasgowhill's

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Best BBE In Show UKC CH Glasgowhill's Serendipity 

Chanel is CEA /Carrier PRA ,DM.MDR1 Non Carrier 

Racer  is CEA /Carrier PRA ,DM.MDR1 Non Carrier OFA Good 

Best Puppy In Show And Best of Winners at the DC&SSA Specialty  Can Ch Glasgowhill's Ashanti 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Cut To The Chase  CEA,PRA, Non Carrier 

Can Ch Tallywood Clarion Absolute ,Paris was Co Owned with dear friend Bette Aubry 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Autumn 

Moon CEA  /Carrier  and PRA non carrier 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Imprint 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Canadian Idol 

Best Puppy In Show Can Ch Glasgowhill's Cliche 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's With Pride CEA ,PRA,MDR1,DM, GCS, Non Carrier Hips A2 = Good, was the first collie to be exported to the  UK with this Outstanding DNA .He also Qualified for Crufts' ON UK soil making him the first in the history of the breed for not only the UK but for Canada. Pride 's genes live on in his children as his pedigree has influenced  collies all through Europe.

  Another Export to the UK Can Ch Glasgowhill's future Vision CEA ,PRA,MDR1,DM, Non Carrier . Again  ScFi  influenced  pedigree's in the UK and Europe We are extremely proud of the dogs we have exported    

Glasgowhill's A Look Alike Was Exported to Germany CEA.PRA .MDR1 Non Carrier 

  Another Export to Thailand  Thi Ch Glasgowhill's Pure Perfection  CEA ,PRA,MDR1,DM, Non Carrier 

Backster Tri and Prince Blue both Exported to Finland  

Thor was Ranked At the breed level in 2015 at #15 rough collie in canada ,He is also UKC CKC AM Champion 

Best Puppy In Show Can Ch Glasgowhill's Continental Dude 

Multi Best Puppy In Show # 1 collie puppy in Canada 2007 Can Ch Glasgowhill's Can You Dig It 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Looking Glass Exported to Germany CEA PRA MDR1 DM Non Carrier Hip's Good  Again another stunning boy influencing pedigrees in Europe  

Solo was also Ranked #10 rough collie in canada at the breed Level  in 2013 .Solo is behind most of our dogs today we loved him dearly  

Champion Kids Lister here 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Good To Go 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Creme' Brulee

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Jump And Jive

Am/Can Ch Glasgowhill's Run For The Roses

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Smooth Move

Can Ch Glasgowhill's My Inspiration

Am Can Ch Glasgowhill's Big Bang Theory

Can UKC CH Glasgowhill's Event Horizon  

Jackson was also ranked at the breed level in 2010 #22 Rough  collie in canada 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's  Strobroy Secret CEA PRA MDR1 Non Carrier  Exported to Scotland And is now living in a wonderful Pet Home   

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Touch Of Fritz 

Can Ch  Glasgowhill's Double Dare 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Deja Voo 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's She's Adorable  

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Careless Whisper  

Can Ch Langsyne Livin La Vida Loca  

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Divine Design  

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Winning Ticket CEA PRA  Non Carrier  

Multi Can And AM BISS  Am Can Ch Glasgowhill's Euphoria 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Let It Burn 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Adorably Dora  

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Va Va Voom  

Can Ch Glasgowhill's So Much More  

 Best Puppy In Show Can Ch Glasgowhill's Missundaztood 

Can Ch Candray Cavaricci  

Can Ch Van M That's The Ticket 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Coloration 

Am Ch Diamante's Midnight Confessions 

 Am Can Ch Glasgowhill's Run For The Roses ,Ranked at the breed level in 2012 #17and in 2014 at the breed level #23 and at the puppy level #3 in 2012 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Smooth Move  ,In 2013 was Ranked at the breed level #22 and then in 2015  at the breed level #10

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Heroic Sculpture Exported to Germany   

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Alegria TD Was ranked #12 Rough Collie puppy In Canada 2010

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Enchanting

CEA PRA DM MDR1 Non Carrier  ,Chant was Ranked at the breed level in 2012 at #25 Rough Collie in canada.she was also ranked #25 puppy in the same year 

 Can Ch Glasgowhills Creme Brulee ,In 2012  she was Ranked at the puppy level #3 Smooth in Canada  then in 2013 at the breed level ranked #22

 Reserve Best In Show Can Ch  UKC CH Glasgowhill's Event Horizon was Ranked  #10 collie rough puppy In Canada In 2013 And Ranked At the breed level in 2015 at #22

 Am Can Ch Glasgowhill's Big Bang Theory 2012  Ranked #9 rough collie at the breed level and # 9 AT  puppy level  in Canada 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Good To Go ,Mistess was Ranked at  the breed Level #22 in Canada  2013 And Ranked at the puppy level in canada #8 2012 

Can Ch Kerhaven's The Black Pearl 

Can Ch/UKC Ch Dune's When Dreams Come True  Diva was Ranked at the breed Level in 2011  at #6  and in 2012 #10 in Canada 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Shake Your Bootie ,Was Ranked #12 Rough Collie Puppy In Canada 2010

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Emulsify CEA ,PRA,MDR1,DM Non Carrier 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's My Inspiration Exported to Scotland  

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Hot Topic CEA PRA  Non Carrier  

Can Ch Winsmore's Captivating  

Can Ch Dune's Bare Naked Lady   

Can Ch Glasgowhill's A Storm A Brew N  

Can Ch Bonnichere's Divine Miss Pretty   

Can Ch Afterhours Havoc We did not own him but we did finish him for Carol Stanley   

Can Ch Glasgowhill's A Dozen Roses  

Am Can Ch Omega's Sablin Highway Man 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Black Ice 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Savanna Heat  2011 #8  Rough Collie Puppy In Canada the same year Ranked #19 at the breed level 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Jump And Jive 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Encryptic Code 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Langsyne BustAMove 

Can Ch Van M Make A Deal II This dog was leased for litters We put his title on him while in canada 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Sneakers 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Tamris 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Court Jester 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Dia Dela Rosa 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Envy Of Tamris 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's King Of Tamris 

 BPISS Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Puff In Stuff  

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Sensation 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Thrilogy 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Tragically Hip 

 BPIG Can Ch Migican Silver Razz 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Tricounty Goldrush 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Tribecka 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Langsyne Dot Com 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Nitro 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Little India 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Lord Montague 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 's Paris It Sizzles 

Can Ch Glasgowhill 'Traffic Jam 

Can Ch Huronsky 69 Chevy At Glasgowhill 

Argentina  Grand BISS  Ch Glasgowhill Warlock Heath 

Exported to Argentina 

Can Ch Blu Waters Wrath Of Khan

Owned by Troy & Brook Swade

We leased this dog and put his Can Ch On Him  

Can Ch Donnybrook Game Set Match ,Ranked #12 Collie Puppy In Canada 2010 

 Multi Best Baby Puppy In Show Can Ch  Nightsrar Mischief At Glasgowhill 2014 #9 Rough Collie Puppy In Canada 

 Lux Can Ch Kerhaven The X Factor 

On Lease  and we finished his championship

Exported to Germany  

Breeder Darlene Kerr 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Tender Moments 

Can Ch Glasgowhill Shameless 

Can Ch Winsmore Kaitlyn Reigns Breeder Glasgowhill  

BPIS Glasgowhill's Anti Up 2009 # 1 Puppy In Canada  

Can Ch  Glasgowhill's Winsmore's Novelty    

This is BPIS Can Ch. Glasgowhill's Continental Dude (L) and his sister, BPIS Can Ch. Glasgowhill's Missundaztood.  This is the Canadian Best Puppy of the Year Awards.  To get to this point your puppy has to had won a Best Puppy in Show in order to compete.  All Group 7 winners compete against each other, both males and females, by 2 different Judges, in two different rings.  The Judges then collaborate and pick their Group One through Four winners.  Glasgowhill took a Group Three and Four.  There were about 35 puppies competing in Group 7.

Can Ch Glasgowhill's You Do Voo Doo 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Sweet Temptations 

Can Ch Glasgowhill's  Nightstars Crusader Ranked #17 at the breed level for 2016 

Can Ch Rickadon's Electra 

Can Ch Nationview Contraband 

Can Ch Langsyne  Highland Breeze 

Scarlet was #5 Smooth Collie Puppy In Canada in 2010

Can Ch Glasgowhill's Written In The stars 


Can Ch Glasgowhill's DaVinci Code 


Muti BPISS Can CH Glasgowhill's Party In The USA 

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