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This is from "Colliesanomat 4/2020" (the Finnish collie paper). It deals with our imported dogs ( especially Barry) , how they suit as working dogs and what all we are doing together with them. Sorry but it is all written in Finnish. Hopefully you can get a translation.

Translated Version to English from Finnish

The story about about Anna-Stina Wahlström as a collie owner started in the early 90’s, when she

bought her first, Finnish bred collie. This dog awakened her interest in this beautiful breed. That

particular collie had a lot of positive traits; It was beautiful and intelligent, easy to train and always

very active. Sadly, the same dog also had less desirable traits. It was terribly afraid of harsh

noises and even slightly slippery floors. It also had gastrointestinal issues, and the temperament

was over all a bit too soft and fragile.

When her first collie had passed away in the early 2000’s, Anna- Stina came into contact with

collies bred from American lines. In 2005 her first collie with American ancestry joined the family.

”This dog reminded me of the original working dogs that I love so much, both when it comes to

looks and temperament. But, I still wanted one more dog, and this time I decided that it would be

imported from America”, Anna-Stina remembers.

So far she has imported six dogs from abroad, along with her daughter. All of them are from the

same kennel in Canada, Glasgowhill Collies, run by breeder Sandra”Sandi” Hamilton. She found

the kennel by chance when she was browsing online for collie breeders in America. Anna-Stina

immediately fell in love with Sandi’s dogs, and sent a message describing herself, expressing

interest in purchasing an American collie as working dog.

”I also asked if she was willing to sell a dog to an unknown person on the other side of the planet.

She answered my e-mail quickly, and told me that she happened to have a promising male tripuppy for sale” Anna-Stina says.

Anna-Stina had to find more information about the details of importing a dog from Canada to

Finland, but she quickly found out that Canada was not considered as a high-risk country when it

came to import of animals. There was also no need for the dog to be quarantined before crossing

the border to Finland. The breeder took care of the transportation by plane, the vaccinations and

other related things in Canada. Anna-Stina took care of the rest in Finland.

Finally, in May 2006, Baxter Glasgowhill’s Love Me Tender) arrived in Finland. He tavelled alone in

a crate from Toronto to Prague, where he had a veterinary check, before continuing to Finland.

”I was very nervous when I went to pick the dog up at the airport. As someone who was used to

easily startled collies I was wondering how the dog reacted to sitting alone in a crate in a noisy

plane for many hours. To my surprise, a happy, friendly, large and bear-like four month old puppy

emerged from the crate. It was love at first sight!” Says Anna-Stina.

The feeling deepened after getting to know Baxter better. One and a half years later Baxter’s half

brother, Prince (Glasgowhill’s Silver Bullet) was added to the pack. After that Ella (Glasgowill’s Me

To please) arrived followed by, Hero (Glasgowhill’s Super Hero), Teddy (Glasgowhill’s Purple Rain)

and lastly Barry (Glasgowhill’s White Lightning). All the puppies arrived at age 4-6 months, and all

of the dogs, besides Hero still belongs to the family. Baxter’s son Pluto (Arttulan Ääriviiva) also

belongs to the pack, and with him Anna-Stina compete in obedience and Rally obedience.

When Anna-Stina bought Baxter she wanted a dog that was fearless, people friendly, social and

motivated to try different forms of dog training. As a relatively inexperienced dog training

enthusiast Anna-Stina joined a search & rescue dog training group together with Baxter. They

both enjoyed this hobby very much. Baxter enjoyed both searching for and finding people during

the training sessions in the woods.

With prince, they continued on the same path, but at the same time Ann-Stina also tried out other

hobbies together with her dogs, such as agility, obedience, rally obedience and nose work. Prince

became the first certified emergency rescue dog in the family. Prince, Baxter and Ella are now

retired and live out the rest of their lives at home, but Teddy continues with his training to become

a certified emergency rescue dog. He has passed his search test, but the tracking test is still

something he is working on.

Barry is also almost finished with his education as an official emergency rescue dog, and AnnaStina also actively train him in obedience, rally obedience.

Barry is a white collie, and came to Finland when he was six moths old. He was originally

supposed to find his home with a family in Switzerland, but they changed their mind. Since the

breeder, Sandi Hamilton, knew that Anna-Stina’s daughter was looking for a puppy, she proposed

that Barry would go to Finland. Hamilton knew that as a white collie, Barry could never win a price

at a dog show in Finland. White collies are automatically disqualified, since the color is not

approved by the Finnish kennel club. Still the breeder knew the family well enough to know that

Barry would be good choice for them. Hamilton was right. Barry had every trait Anna-Stina could

hope for in a working dog. He is eager, very alert and easy to work with. He is a fast learner, and

always willing to try new things. As an emergency rescue dog he has the advantage of being very

smart, and able to work independently. He also has good stamina, and can work for hours on end

if the situation requires. It is also easy for him to change his working method very fast, from

searching to tracking, and back.

”Barry can be trained to do almost everything, and he is very eager to work. The work it self

seems to be a reward for him. When I take him to obedience competitions he jumps and barks

like an untrained puppy outside the ring, but once we enter the ring, he changes his demeanor at

once. He is quiet, very focused, and carefully follows my instructions” says Anna-Stina.

Almost fifteen years after importing her first dog, Baxter, Anna-Stina is very pleased with how

things have unfolded. Baxter was, in her words, a ”jackpot”. She could not have found a better

and more involved breeder to work with. From Sandi Hamilton she has also learned may things

about dogs in general, and the genetics of the breed, such as color, temperament and possible

genetically inherited diseases. The breeder also does a good work in preparing the puppies for

the long flight over seas, both concerning the paperwork and the transportation. She always goes

the extra mile to make the process easy and comfortable.

Anna-Stina is also happy that she has been able to bring some new blood to the Finnish collies

with her foreign dogs.

”Still I have to caution you, that randomly buying a puppy on the internet can be recipe for

disaster. There are a lot of scams and not very serious breeders out there” Anna-Stina says. It can

be hard to know what you will get when you can’t visit the breeder personally. It is hard to know

under what conditions the dog are kept.

”I highly suggest messaging the breeder regularly, and also to speak with her or him on the

phone, to get a good picture of what kind of person you are dealing with. It is also good to get in

touch with other people who have dogs from the same kennel , since they can probably tell you a

lot about the breeder and the dogs. I have been very lucky in this case. I have received lovely

dogs, and at the same time I have made many friend on the other side of the world” Anna-Stina









" Sandra Hamilton came to me as a referenciated reputable canadian breeder from several contacts on internet. I was having issues in my breeding - too much inbreeding and low fertility - so I decided to buy a couple of no-siblings rough collie puppies from her. The first was Claudia, Glasgowhill´s she´s a model. The best puppy from a litter of 9. Sandra made sure she would send me a tested sweet puppy. And she sure is! she came by plane and arrived clean & calm, after 7 hours traveling in a plane. She was not scared and her personality is tremendously sweet, gentle, kind towards every dog, cat and human she meets. She´s very strongly built and surprisingly agile! This gils surpasses everything I ever expected from a breeder. Sandra Sent me HER BEST, not keeping her to her self. Brad came the next month. 
Sandra wanted to keep him, but she felt Glasgowhill´s Viewer´s Choice was exactly what I needed. and he sure is! Another gentle giant who craves for afection! he arrived by plane, neat, clean and happy to meet me. i´m still his "mommy" his favorite human to be with. He wan his first 2 shows i Portugal, best puppy and BIG-2 becoming instantly best collie puppy in Portugal in a weekend! I charish this puppy and Claudia like they were bred by me and born at my home. They deal well with the rest of my 5 collies and 4 cats, all as a pack, as family, playing, never buliyng ...never fighting for anything. All my collies are treated with respect and they respect eachothers. I send videos from time to time for sandra see how happy they are and make me tremendously happy too! I hope to get a third collie from Sandra and I reccommend er strongly to anyone who´s looking for the perfect match. 
Sandra is a very honest true unselfish person. Sandra knew what I needed ... and she sent me exactly that. For that... I´m for ever thank ful!


Dra. Sofia M


Consultório Veterinário



Taboo and day one at his new home,
I can't believe how well behaved my new puppy "Taboo" is. He is confident, smart and extremely attentive. He is already alerting me to go out for washroom breaks and has adjusted to his new surroundings amazingly. I have a very large flight of stairs as soon as you come in the house and he conquered them right away. I have a ramp that goes down to a fenced in dog run and some dogs have to be shown how to use the ramp, again he figured it out right away. You can tell he has been very well socialized by his confidence in his new surroundings, in the house as well as outside the house, ie next door neighbours 3 young boys, and their chickens & ducks.
I can tell that Sandy has spent a lot of time with him, as he is more connected with me than he is my other dog or any of his toys or food. He is also very respectful of my older dog, which was a big concern for me. He traveled amazingly in the car, which took over 3 hours to get home from picking him up. I am a big fan of watch me training, to ensure that the dog is connected to me and he is doing that constantly. He knows his name, sit, and recalls very well.
Thank you so much Sandy, as this transition has been stress free for me, which was paramount in my life right now!
If any one would like to speak to me personally about a reference, please feel free to call me or email me
Lynda Bell Tel: 705-792-9051 or email: (make sure you have 3 LLL's in my email address when sending)

Jealousy is a vicious thing Sandi. Anyone who knows you and your passion for the breed knows that the welfare and the preservation of this great breed is your ONLY focus with EVERY breeding you do.. It is the focus of all who truly love the breed as you love them..and those who whisper and backstab only put the spotlight on themselves..letting all who know how challenging breeding dogs of the health and character etc of your dogs and to a smaller degree mine or anyone dedicated to collies, how shallow these nay-sayers really are. I am not nearly at the level you are..but I try as best I can, and so do a few are a wonderful friend and give small breeders such as me the will to keep on trying to go forward with our dogs and breed the BEST we can..and never settle for less:>) Thank you Sandi..thank you for being the honest, caring, helpful and staunch collie breeder and friend that you are!! I am PROUD to know thing I ever did was phone you all those years ago and start a friend ship that has lasted and as far as I am concerned always will last!! Like another friend who was also my mentor, I had many years are not JUST another breeder..this is your passion and way down deep, though you are a human being I believe you have the HEART of a COLLIE:>)) Highest compliment I can think of to give you.

Darlene Kerr 




I am the proud mom of 3 Glasgowhill collies . Of course, they are lovely. More important, their temperaments are exceptional. They are clever, calm, loving, trustworthy with children and my cats- in other words, they are dogs I am confident to take almost anywhere. 

I love going to Sandi's to visit. The dogs are well kept and healthy. The puppies are loving and so much fun. Sandi knows each and every dog and can tell you everything about them. Once you are a Glasgowhill owner, you are part of a community that is knowledgable and supportive. Help and advice are always available . 

I can't have a 4 th dog in the city, but if I could, it would certainly be a Glasgowhill collie.

Heather Lenz 




I have known Sandi for numerous years now, as a friend and a fellow breeder. I've heard the gossip, the BS and just trash/slander that come out of people's mouths about her and her dogs. Unlike many others, I am not a puppet on a string and don't need to be with a "click" to own, breed or show my dogs. I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinion about others. As long as I or a close friend have not been wronged, I don't get into all the hype. When I was told not to have an association with Sandi because certain people didn't like her, that's tough shit, she never wronged me. As they always say, when people are successful, you're bound to have people at the bottom trying to climb to the top.

As far as her facilities/dogs go, I can say that they are very clean, large kennels and the play areas are bigger than most people's entire yard, including their house. Her dogs are very much loved, well kept, very clean and well groomed (all of them). I can say this from personal experience as I have visited her kennel. If it was sub-standard in any way, I would never have allowed my heart dog to stand stud there, twice. When I came to pick him up, it was last minute notice and there would have been no way for her to get all the dogs groomed and prepared for my visits. This means that they are just kept that way, which makes one feel great about leaving their pet there for months to be shown. As far as purchasing one of her puppies, she is the ONLY person I know that does every single health test available. There isn't one in America or Canada that I know of that does even 1/4 of what she does. For that alone, she should have everyone's respect. I may not always agree with the dogs she chooses to breed together, but she knows what she's doing and has surprised me with the outcomes and quality of pups on more than one occasion. She is also a person that will always be there to support and mentor you not only for the life of your new dog, but your life.

Blu Water Collies



Hello everybody! I'm Anna from Poland. I used to love collies since I was a little girl. I knew that If I ever buy a dog it will be a collie. Unfortunately when I growed up I realized that collie appaerance had changed a lot. Here in Europe collies are small with lot of fur and small head, seems like foxes or spitzes, they are so different than "holywood Lassie", which I liked the most in the past. I decided that I'll rather adopt a "collie type" dog without pedigree from shelter because they are more similar to old "Lassie" type. About year ago I found first american collies website, and another.... and more.. and realized that someone, somewhere breeds collie in old type, but unfortunately not in Poland. The closest is Lugaru Collie in Chech Rep. I was fascinated by Lucia's male "Edward" but when she imported Luma from Glasgowhill - this becomed my goal. I said to my husband that ANY puppy from Glasgowhill will be the top of my dream. First time I had no courage to write to Sandi and ask for a puppy. Canada is so far far away from Poland and the procedure of importing a dog seemed impossible to me. On the other hand: why Sandi should trust someone from unknown country, who she doesn't know personally? And one day I overcomed and just wrote and ask. You should have seen my face when I had written message back: "Ok, it's no problem!". Step by step I started believe that this can be possible, don't know how, but possible :) I waited impatiently for Solo and Dora's litter but when I saw Algeria's first puppy I knew this is the one! He was like from a dream: dark sable white factored with blaze on his nose. Riker (Glasgowhill’s Back In Time) was about 1 week old, when I wrote to Sandi and ask for him, and he was already for sale! This was a good sign for New Year! We booked him on 1st of January. Four next months we observed him growing and tortured Sandi asking for new photos :) We had preparing all puppy stuff what You can imagine. Riker did not fly to Poland on April when he was expected because of broken air condition in a plane but the second trip was succesfull and since 18th of May he is with us. We got him from the capital airport and since the first minute he shows us how lovely, cute and soooo good looking he is. We were siting on the airport floor for couple of minutes and there was no end kisses and doggy greetings. From the first time there was obviously that Riker is extra ordinary dog. We woried about long trip but Riker didn't seem to be under stress or frightened. 
Our dog loves everyone and he is familiar with cage, cars, cats, kids from the first time. There is no problem with hygiene or staying alone. I know for sure that Glasgowhill is the top of collie breeding place and day by day I apprecate Sandi's work . Riker is absolutely non agressive, we can trust him playng with our friend's kid or with rodents we have. He is clever, well behaved, well socialized. He doesn't afraid of storm, loud sounds, bigger dogs and strangers. He suprises me daily by his personality and of course he is extremely beautifull. There is no day without meeting people whispering: "ooo, what's a gorgeous dog!". He is truely like Lassie: calm, majestic, thougtfull, smart, with inteligent eyes, sometimes funny, playfull, happy, smiley dog, we bring him with us wherever we can and he knows what behaviour is expected. Riker is probably the first american purebreed collie in Poland, I hope not the last. I'm very gratefull to Sandi for trust and for opportunity to get one of her puppy. We hope that we'll do everything best to make him healthy and happy dog. I hardly reccomend Glasgowhill Collies, all evidences are with me in one hairy body on the four white paws :) 

Best regards from us and Riker 




My name is Loraine and myself and my husband Robert are the proud of owners of Strobroy Collies in Scotland. We are also the proud owners of our very first import Glasgowhill’s Meet Me Halfway - otherwise known as Venture.
First of all let me start by saying that I was very pleased to come across a breeder that is so open and honest about her collies. Their health is paramount and Sandi will not compromise on this just to breed that elusive dog! I thought I had learned a lot about the breed and the health issues that can be found in Collies but I hadn’t actually learned that much. Since speaking with Sandi and getting to know her I have learned much more than I already had and have also learned some very basic things too that I had never thought about or even considered before. 
From my very first conversation with Sandi I found her not only to be very polite and approachable but she was also very forward with any answers to any questions I had. Bringing Venture to Scotland was a huge step for me in collies and one that I had only dreamt about as a young girl. I was very nervous and worried about everything and I just couldn’t wait for Venture to be home with us but Sandi made the whole process of importing very easy and she kept me going the whole time that Venture was in Canada. 
We were informed of his progress at regular intervals and we were showered constantly with beautiful photographs that at one point I thought were too good to be true. When the day came for Venture to leave Canada we were already traveling to the airport for an overnight stay. We were very tired and just did not know how we were going to get excited about seeing Venture in the flesh for the very first time. Then when he was brought out to us we forgot all about the fact that we had traveled a long way and that we were exhausted - he took our breaths away. For once in my life I couldn't utter a single world. 
There stood in front of us was a true , regal, beautiful specimen of a Rough Collie. And better still he was all mine! I only have one person to thank for that and that is Sandi. She bred this wonderful boy and allowed him to come to live with us in Scotland. His temperament is second to none and he is such a happy lively boy and is just such a pleasure to live with!
When we took Venture to Neil our vet for a check over after his long flight he was very impressed with him. He underwent a medical from head to toe and he could not find anything out of place. Neil is a lover of my dogs but he said that Venture had that something extra. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but there was something with him that made him stand out from the rest! He stated that his breeder should be very proud for breeding such a fabulous and healthy dog and that he looked forward to watching him grow and mature.
As for paper work pertaining to Venture…all paper work was intact for Venture AND his parents. All health test results were given to me and all were in order. I would not hesitate in recommending to anyone who is thinking of importing a dog or just adding that little bit of something extra special to their home, to contact Sandi. When owning and breeding such a fabulous and beautiful breed it is important to keep it that way. Not only beautiful but healthy as well. So as well as gaining a beautiful and healthy Collie - Glasgowhill's will give you that little bit extra that you have been looking for for a long time and you will also gain a good friend in Sandi.
Loraine Hannah



I am the extremely proud owner of Glasgowhill's Myth Buster and Canadian Champion Glasgowhill's You Do Voo Doo. Not only did I fall in love with a puppy but I fell in love with a two year old as well after a wonderful visit at Sandi's home! When Voo Doo became available, I just had to have her in addition to little Myth! The two of them are now great companions with the Collie I already have and my family could not be happier with our Collies! We call them 'Three's Company" - two gals and a guy! It's a very happy household and the Collies make us laugh each and every day!

Our trips to Kincardine to visit Sandi and her Collies were nothing but amazing! I have never seen so many happy, healthy Collies and thriving litters and proud, healthy and well cared for Moms! Sandi is very honest, is willing to answer your questions and is a true lover of this breed. Her work is amazing and I have already learned so much from her!

We first seen Myth at five days old! We made additional trips to Kincardine, truly enjoyed these wonderful visits and were absolutely ecstatic when we learned that Myth was coming to our home! This boy is too beautiful for words and both he and Voo Doo came to live with us on December 27, 2009. This was a very exciting day that I will never forget!

In all the years that I have had Collies, I find now that even my vet is very happy for me and truly excited. That says so much! He and I have been through alot together with this breed that I have truly loved for so many years.

Sandi is my mentor and confidant and we enjoy many hours of 'Collie talk' together. I am so looking forward to what the future will bring as Sandi and I talk of things to come. Sandi is truly a breeder that welcomes 'newbies', she is always there for you, provides guidance and encourages you to make your own decisions. I consider myself very lucky to have found her! Sandi is making my dreams come true. Actually, I am still in amazement that the things I have wished for - for so many years - are now actually starting to happen!

Anyone considering the purchase of a Glasgowhill Collie is most welcome to contact me and I encourage you to do so. My email address is and you may call 705-487-2996 - you got my home number! Please leave a message for Sharon. If I not available, I will get back to you as soon as I can. I always enjoy talking about Collies! And prepared for a long talk! There is nothing that provides more enjoyment than talking about our Collies!




My name is Vie Nystrom and we live in Hudson, Quebec. My husband Bill and I lost our beloved Lady in September 2008. Lady was a rescue and was the first Collie we ever had. She absolutely changed us from dog lovers to Collie lovers! When we found out she was terminal we couldn't imagine not having another Collie in our lives so we started looking for another rescue thinking it may take a while. It wasn't about price but wanting to give another wonderful dog a forever home. Thankfully because of wonderful breeders like Sandi who insist in their contracts that their dogs must be returned to them if for any reason they must be given up, we were unable to rescue a Collie from any local shelters! We also didn't want a puppy and female was our preference because of Lady. A local breeder here in Quebec told us he had heard that a top breeder in Ontario "Sandi" had a female 10 months old come back to her. We looked up Glasgowhill collies and were impressed by the references and the website as well as all the absolutely magnificent dogs she has produced. Then we saw the picture of "Rumour" aka ( Glasgowhill's State of Mind ) and it was love at first sight. Sandi interviewed us over the phone and we were very impressed by her knowledge and concern over what type of home her dog would be going to as well as her genuine sympathy over what we were going through. On our first weekend off we got in the car headed for Sandi's. May I say the drive ( 9 hours there and 9 back!) was worth every minute. Sandi felt like family from the minute we met her! It was hard to leave with just one Collie!!
Rumour is everything we had come to expect from the breed and more. She's beautiful, smart, loving and a complete ham!! But thanks to Sandi we have a healthy and wonderfully tempered beautiful new family member. If you're considering a Collie and like us were lucky to find Sandi and Glasgowhill Collies you will not be dissappointed.
Thanks Sandi!

Vie Nystrom Caban and Bill Caban
Hudson, Quebec


Here at BlueCollar Collies,my small breeding program is dedicated to the preservation of the Collie as working stockdog.To be a part of that program,a dog must possess the instinct,intelligence,structural soundness,and biddable temperament necessary to work livestock every day.After several years of searching for the right outcross and complement for my tightly-linebred male,I chose Glasgowhill,for several reasons.Many of the Glasgowhill dogs come from lines noted for herding instinct.Kennel owner Sandi Hamilton employs a rigorous battery of health and genetic testing to ensure that the Collies she produces are sound,healthy representatives of the breed she loves,able to pass their outstanding quality on to future generations.All of the above,plus the "look"that I love,came to me in a puppy named Glasgowhill's Claim To Fame.At 21/2 years of age,"Alec" has already exceeded the expectations I had for him.With very limited trialing,he has earned his first AKC herding title,and 2 of the 3 legs needed for his second.Along the way,he has attracted attention and earned praise from some of the best-known handlers and trainers in the Collie herding world. Having been so pleased with Alec,when the time came for that special brood matron,I looked to Glasowhill again.I will be forever grateful to Sandi for allowing me the privilege of owning my once-in-a-lifetime perfect girl,Glasgowhill's Prima Donna.Both dogs came to me in excellent condition,with all necessary paperwork.
Perhaps the best compliment I can give Sandi is to say that my Raff,aka Lochranza Lionheart PT,is currently standing at stud at Glasgowhill.For me,Raff is and always will be THE DOG.I would never allow him to stay with anyone in whom I did not have absolute confidence and trust.So,for anyone considering the purchase of a Glasgowhill Collie,I would be happy to prvide a referral.

Meredith Moore
167 Ollie Collins Rd.
Elizabethton,Tn.37643 USA



We met Sandi and Jim by accident searching the internet for answers as to why our beloved sable/white rough collie "Ruffie" could have left us so soon. He was so very ill for the past year having cluster seizures and was diagnosed with having the MDR1 gene by Washington State University. When I first spoke to Sandi, she knew so much about this gene and took the time to speak to my husband and I in great detail about our Ruffie. We missed him so much and her kind words were sensitive, caring, and immediately we felt re-assured that we had done all we could to save him. I remember thinking to myself, we only just spoke a few moments , yet a friendship was developed that seemed like a lifetime ago. Sandi's true desire is for her collies to be strong and healthy...just what we were looking for! Someone who cared as much as we did about a member of the family. 

We saw a picture of a tri-color rough collie on Sandi and Jim's website and fell in love at first sight. I am very pleased to say we are the proud parents of Glasgowhill's Winning Jacks ... aka "Jack". Jack is the epitome of health! When you lose someone like Ruffie who meant so much to us, you are amazed when this new pup enters your life 

Scott & Sue Schuh


It is wonderful to know a breeder who cares more about the health of her collies than about how many champions she has. Oh yes, Sandi has champions, she has many, many, champions but also extremely healthy, happy and well tempered collies. The main health issue in collies is collie eye. Sandi, through her knowledge and breeding, is creating not only champions but she is producing normal eyed and normal eyed non carrier champions. This is nothing short of amazing. Sandi recently lost a very dear collie friend (Mick). Our deepest sympathies to Sandi and her family. Although Mick passed on quite young, he was lucky in the fact that he experienced what many animals never experience and that is love. Sandi trully loved Mick. Many animals never get to experience the love that Sandi has for her collies. 

If anyone wonders why Sandi has collies all over the world, just take a look at her Website. Sandi's collies are stunning! Sandi is amazing! 

Thank you Sandi for all that you have done to improve the majestic collie breed and for sharing your knowledge and accomplishments with us. 


Linda Thompson
Garlind Ridge collies

My name is Adrianna Rogers. I am a dog trainer in southern Ontario. I am pleased to say that I have one of Glasgowhill's collies in my home. As a trainer and pet owner, I have come across many dogs with issues, who poorly fit into their new homes or just dogs who unhealthy or flawed in some serious way.

Sandi has made great strides in producing collies the way they should be. Healthy - first and foremost. Amongst breeders, she has distinguished herself in this area. No one is perfect, but Sandi will not knowingly breed a poor line and will stand behind her breeding's rather than fob off a client with downplaying a problem or blaming environment. 

Secondly, and as a trainer, the dogs that I have seen and my own beautiful Image, are mentally sound. I have rarely been so impressed with training and temperament of a group of animals as well as an individual dog. Sanid will only place a dog in a home that she feels is appropriate for her dog, and she does know her stuff. Her collies are the way collies should be. If more breeders were like her - it would be a different dog world indeed.

If you are considering purchasing or breeding with one of Sandi's collies, I would be pleased to speak with you. 

Adrianna Rogers



I believe I meet Sandi through destiny. I had always wanted a Blue Merle Collie. At the time I meet Sandi, I already had a Sable. He is a poor example of the Collie standard, although he has many characteristics of a wonderful Collie pet. My daughter happened to be searching the internet one day, anxious herself to have another Collie in the house and came across Sandi's web site. We knew by looking at her Collies' they were truly beautiful representations of the breed. I don't remember exactly how we connected, but soon my husband and I were off to Canada to meet Sandi and the Collies.! That was a year ago. Since then I have a beautiful female Blue Merle Collie. Her name is "Ask and Receive". The name is appropriate, since I believe I met and have one of Sandi's Collies through a higher power then my own. Sometimes one can see the purpose of someone else's life and the gifts that they possess. Sandi's gift is breeding Collies that truly meet the Collie Standard. What makes her truly devine is the fact she shares her gift(s) with everyone who likes and loves Collies. I am truly blessed to know Sandi. She continues to offer me her guidance and friendship. Thank You Sandi!!! 

Teresa Spitzer
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You have found the BEST Collie Mom in the whole world. We have had the wonderful pleasure of two beautiful Collie Dogs from Sandi. We have a handsome boy named Blizz and I can tell you he had the best Mom in his most important puppy stage. If you get the chance to get one of Sandi puppy's it will be the best dog anyone could ever have.If you want to call us with questions just do so anytime but just a visit to Sandi home will answer all the questions will all the kindness she gives her Collie Dogs. When we go on long vacation Sandi takes care of our Collies she is part of our extended family. My phone number is 705-429-8114. Do hope you will enjoy your new puppy if you decide on a Collie from Sandi.

Best Regards 




I would just like to begin by saying that you couldn't have found a better 
breeder. She is very open and honest, and willing to take the time to 
address any questions you may have about the breed itself, or a particular 

She is one of the few who takes her dogs' health as being of primary 
importance. So, you can be sure that you will not regret choosing her as a 
breeder. She is focused on the animals for their own sake, and ensures their 

In looking for a collie, we were extremely particular, and spoke to numerous 
others before coming across Glasgowhill. There wasn't much debate, since her 
dogs clearly stood out. It is quite the distance for us to travel there, 
but, truly worth the trip.

When we finally brought home our sweet Jake, he was more than we could ask 
for. Intelligence, health, looks, personality- everything someone would want 
in a companion. He's now 15 months, and we are grateful for him each and 
every day.

In a matter of days, we will be picking up our second companion from her, 
and know that she will be just as wonderful.

Anyway's, I hope I have provided you with enough information that you may 
need. Please feel free to email me back if you have any other questions.

Jennifer Valliere. "

Jennifer V
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I don't own a Glasgowhills Collie, but I am very familiar with
Sandi's pages and her breeding plans. I would recommend Glasgowhill to
ANYONE who could possibly have the luxury of traveling to the kennel and
seeing these dogs for themselves. I have followed five litters online. I
would love to adopt ALL the pups in ALL litters. My sister is the more
fortunate one in our family because she has TWO Glasgowhill Collies
(Glasgowhill's Robbie Burns and Glasgowhill's Oliver Twist). I have 'met'
Robbie and hope to 'meet' Oliver soon, since he is from one of the litters
that my sister and I followed from conception!
One can tell by looking at the pictures that ALL the pups are healthy
and bred to standard. One can also tell by looking at the grown up dogs,
that Sandi IS all about dogs, ESPECIALLY collies.
Most unfortunately, this is NOT true for some alleged breeders that post
on the internet. By the way, buying a pup, especially a purebred, online,
is NOT recommended by any reputable person who is an animal lover. I would
encourage a prospective client or buyer to 'follow' litters-regardless of
where they come from. It is true that anyone can have a dog that has
puppies, but the care and feeding of those puppies begins with the care and
feeding of the grown dogs and ALL of Sandi's dogs get absolutely EXCELLENT
care, from the time they are pups until the time that they go to 'forever
homes'. Not only would I recommend Glasgowhill to anyone who was prepared
to get a pup, but I would recommend two of the breeders who have also
written references for this page.
IF you are an animal lover, especially if you are a dog lover AND MOST
ESPECIALLY, a collie lover, you definitely owe it to yourself to travel the
distance to Kincardine!
Jacqueline Bailey


Hello Fellow Collie Lover,
I will start with Sandi herself, since she IS Glasgowhill Collies.
Her warmth, honesty and integrity are her most outstanding virtues.
Her willingness to help you through puppy times and later is well-known.
She is willing to offer you her dog care knowledge whether you have a pet,
an obedience or working dog, or a show dog. She has never hesitated to give
an idea or tip to help you out. I have five Glasgowhill Collies, and am thrilled
with them all. Temperament of them all is superb, and physically they are
beautiful and conformationally correct. Sandi offers the best of her breeding
efforts to you, and is knowledge and up front about her bloodline. 
In your quest for a Collie, Glasgowhill is a great place to end. The Collies are
healthy and happy, with decades of quality behind them. I should mention
that I co-own two of my Collies with Sandi, and the arrangement has been
pleasant and hassle-free. Feel free to contact me and I will answer any
questions that I can. Your friend in Collies, Peggy

Peggy L. Wagner
Silverado Collies
Columbia, Illinois USA
(314) 323-6113



Hello, I will try and be brief. Upon looking for a collie pup I spent close to an hour on the phone one night with Sandi at which point I decided I would not go with any other breeder. Her thorough knowledge and expertise came with a refreshing sense of integrity. Little did I know i was being interviewed as well as establishing a client relationship which is extremely important to Sandi. Now for the animal, her name is Julia she is now 8 months old. Her temperament can only be compared to Gandi, as we have not yet even heard her growl or get upset. She is extremely intelligent and breezed through obedience, health is excellent and quickly adopted us as her family.
I would highly recommend Sandi and only Sandi for collie breed integrity whether your goal is show or adopt a friend. If we can be of further help to you do not hesitate to contact us.
Tom & Connie Woodburn
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Hi, My name is Darlene and I live in St. Thomas. A couple of years ago my W/F tri collie Schiloh passed to Rainbow Bridge. Had no intention of getting another. Looking through the Dogs in Canada book of course I was looking at the collies and came upon a picture of "Dude" He looked so much like my Schiloh I ended up going to the web site to see what was there. I checked many sites but didn't see anything that I liked and kept going back to the Glasgowhill site. I told Sandi about my loss and she understood that I wasn't ready for a new pup, but one picture of a w/f blue merle kept pulling me back to the site. Needless to say three weeks later my friend and I were on our 2 1/2 hour trip to pick up my boy. Not once have I had any regrets.

Magic is truly magical. He is the perfect collie in temperament, conformation plus so much more. His love for my 3 year old grandson is uncanny. Never takes his eyes off him when they are outside. I have never seen Magic show teeth or growl when they are playing. He has turned into a handsome young two year old and know that I didn't make a mistake when I brought him home. He is very socialable with other dogs in the Park. His health is perfect. He is everything the Collie should be as I have had collies all my life.

We have another Glasgowhill Collie in St. T. Julie fell in Love with my pictures of Magic and wanted one just like him (he is one of a kind) She got a female tri named Keeley. She is running true to the breeding of Glasgowhill.

I would not hesitate to buy another Glasgowhill Collie and if I can give you any more info please e-mail at (dusti16@ and I will answer any questions you may have.




...Sandi's collies are top of the line in my opinion. We got our pup "Glasgowhill's She's a Keeper" (Keeper) from Sandi the Fall of '04. Keeper is our 6th collie over the years since the late 1970's. We don't show, just keep them as beloved pets and members of the family. Our older collie Skye needed a buddy and we needed some puppy ness. Sandi is always very up-front and forthright with her clients...she tell's it as she sees it and is very honest. We live about 10 minutes from Sandi and often drop Keeper off for overnight stays when we are traveling or for grooming. Keeper looks forward to those visits almost as much as I do. It gives Keeper a chance to run and play with some of her family and extended family in the huge outdoor fenced areas. Also, there's nothing I love more than being surrounded by collies and collie pups and when I need a fix, Sandi always welcomes me in for a visit. She keeps her collies in very clean environment at all times and when the mom's have their little ones they are always in the comfort of a cuddly spot in the house. She's also taken me with her to a dog show when I had said I'd love to experience one. She goes the extra mile for her clients and her collies I find. I know I can pick up the phone or send her an e-mail if I ever have any questions, concerns or need advice. I've attached a photo of Keeper and me when she was a pup on a visit at Sandi's and a picture of her last April...her coat is even fuller and more lovely now. If you go into Sandi's web site and look at Divine under the "girls", Divine Design and Keeper are you can see Divine is now a champion. I am scrap booking an album on Keeper and did a lot of research on the Internet into her lineage...very impressive with lots of American and Canadian champions in her bloodline...even though Keeper isn't for showing, she's a beauty and very healthy ...I can't go for a walk without someone commenting on just how very beautiful she is. I agree. You can't go wrong with Sandi and her collies in my opinion. Hope this helps you in your decision. 

Cheryl and Bill Subject
1044 North Street, 
Kincardine, Ont. Canada N2Z 2C8
519-396-3656 519-524-3330 or


Sandi is a fabulous breeder. She regards those who purchase her babies as life-long clients. When my Robbie (Glasgowhill's Robert Burns out of Tricounty Goldrush and Braemar's Twist of Fate) was new to us, I kept in regular contact regarding puppy-raising and collie"ness". Of course, that also means if through some disaster you are unable to keep your pup, Sandi will take care of that pup for you. Once you work with Sandi, there is a network out there. Sandi doesn't like her babies to "board" just anywhere, either. So, Sandi we Glasgowhill dog people help each other out, if we can. It's all about the dogs. When one works with Sandi, it is important to know it is ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THE DOGS. 

She will let you know if you are wrong. She will let a vet, trainer, prospective client, existing client, any other breeder, or even a judge know when she believes them to be wrong, too. She will stand up for her dogs. She will help you learn to stand up for your dog, and do right by dogs in general. She will stand up for people who stand up for dogs. She doesn't offer the same protection to people who treat dogs as objects, an accessory, or as little humans. She loves dogs for what they are, and for what they can be and for what people and dogs together can do. 

When I took my Robbie-boy for his first vet visit when we brought him home -- do that -- the vet was VERY IMPRESSED with the bone on Robbie, his easy, warm, spirit, his brains, his trusting nature, complete set of health papers, and that Sandi volunteered -- as she always does -- to discuss any matter with the vet. There are many weak, sick, unfortunate "collies" out there.There are defensive, dissembling, and well -- lying -- breeders out there. Their dogs show their breeders lack of character. Not Sandi's dogs. They are strong, happy, and ready for anything. They adore humans because of their careful breeding and early patterning.

Sandi's show wins probably come because she is relaxed about showing. She knows she makes beautiful dogs and she's been around the dog world long enough to know that there will always be another opportunity to win, so she does not compromise on her breeding program for the sake of a point or two here and there. 

She's working diligently to build collie health and is active in a number of studies regarding collies.

She's a trainer. She's a groomer -- you'll be one, too -- and she'll walk you through it, for the sake of the dog! Her place is clean. Her dogs are in doggie-heaven, with all sorts of attention and love. You can call her anytime.

She is a great person. She is a great dog breeder. I value her respect and assistance. I listen to her. If that is the kind of breeder you want -- and that is the only kind of breeder you should want -- then get a dog from Sandi. She's definitely two thumbs up. 

Sincerely, Victoria Cross 

Victoria Cross
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My wife, Shirley, and I have recently adopted an 8 week old Rough coated Sable Collie puppy, Abby (official name DoubleDare), from Sandi and Jim.
We drove 7 and a half hours from Dorval (Montreal) to Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron to get her three weekends ago. We arrived at the Hamilton's farm which had two fenced in corral areas for about 19 adult Collies and about 5 pups at the time. All the adults were truly magnificent examples of the four Collie types. Every one was friendly and well behaved. We were greeted by Sandi and Jim who warmly received us for over two hours into their spacious, surprisingly clean and orderly house where we were treated not only to a course in Collies and what puppies need but to a truly impressive parade of Collies of all ages and sizes! It was wonderful. Sandi is a master and an expert having raised champion Collies for 30 years and Jim is her cheerful, warm partner and "eminence grise" running the family farm business as the foundation for their successful breeding operation. We felt so fortunate to have chosen them from the many breeders we investigated through the internet, the CKC book and by telephone. 

Our pup comes from Canadian champion parents, a Sable dam and a Tricolor sire. And it shows. Not only in the beautiful physical shape and colors but also in the personality and calm disposition of our pup and all the Collies we saw at their place. 

Sandi is amazing in her intimate familiarity with each of the Collies and in her encyclopedic knowledge of the breed. When we went back on the Sunday morning to claim our little bundle of joy, I think I saw a tear in Sandi's eyes as she bid farewell to little "DeeDee" as she called our pup. 

We have had two dogs before this one and are humbly thankful that we got this one. Sandi chose us for this pup after learning about us and our previous Collie, Mollie. So her genius reaches into where she places her brood pups as well as in the breeding itself. We intend to give this dog the best we can in her home and training and health care as she grows to maturity.

All paper work was complete and waiting for us when we arrived. Sandi had emailed us her pedigree before we agreed to buy the dog and there is no inbreeding whatsoever and she has successfully controlled for CEA in her operation. Her web site is regularly updated (she even posted a poem we gave her called a Dog's Prayer which is on her front page now.) 

Our vet, Dr. Bob Langill, was impressed with Abby when he saw her and believes we have an exemplary pet in her.

At 11 weeks, our Abby is almost house broken and has successfully learned the "sit", "come", "How-do-you-do" (or give me your paw) and is starting to retrieve toys over and over again. She is calm in the presence of other dogs and is extraordinarily gentle with small children. Yet she has lots of energy and really gives us a work out during the day!

We paid $700 for Abby on a non-breeding contract which was the going price but we did notice that other breeders are either not offering as much as the Hamilton's in terms of quality or the others ask a higher price, some as much as $1100.00 for a non breeding contract for Collies that might not even be as good at those of GlasgowHill's.

So we highly recommend this breeder to you if you are considering adopting a Collie. You will NOT be disappointed. 

Please feel free to email us if you would like any other information.

Yours truly
Neill Graham and Shirley Taylor
Dorval, Quebec


My name is Darlene Kerr. I live in Saskatchewan Canada..and recently I sent one of my puppies to Sandi Hamilton. I am extremely fussy about who gets my puppies..but I was delighted to send one of my darlings to Sandi. Sandi is a very kind and very honest person. I have spoken with her many times..and found her to be very knowledgeable and very concerned re: health and soundness, temperaments, intelligence, beauty and proper care of this wonderful breed. Her breeding's are carefully planned, her puppies receive the BEST of care, she breeds to the standard and has produced many very beautiful dogs over the years. She does health testing on parents and on puppies..she believes, as I do..that a collie must be MORE then just must be strong and healthy and able to lead a GOOD, active LONG life. I will be getting a puppy from her later this year and I already KNOW my puppy will be not only beautiful, but a sound and healthy dog. If you are considering a Glasgowhill collie..then IMO you are considering one of the BEST!
Whether you are seeking a show/breeding dog or a dog that will be primarily your best chum, you have found a very good, very reputable, honest, caring breeder in Sandi. 
I wish you the best for your future Glasgowhill will never be sorry you got one if you do decide to make a purchase. Sandi stands behind her dogs and is the kind of breeder who WANTS to keep in touch and who will always be as close as your phone or your computer should you require advise etc. 
Hope this helps you in making an informed decision. 


Re reference for your puppies - we could not be happier with Flora, now almost one year old. She has a huge, beautiful coat, wonderful markings, perfect conformation and is as clever and funny as can be. We had no trouble with her at obedience school and everyone from the teacher to the vet to the groomer ask about where we got her. Everyone recognizes the GREAT breeding.

She is a farm dog and is showing great promise here with our sheep flock. But she is also wonderfully social with other dogs and with everyone she meets. I never have to worry about her misbehaving.

We would recommend that anyone buy a dog from Glasgowhill. Everything about the philosophy and the care is perfect. We certainly would go nowhere else after purchasing Flora. Also, Sandi has been really helpful with answering all my concerns and queries both before we got Flora and since.


Barbara McLean
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