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Glasgowhill's New Policy regarding purchasing puppies.


* All pet puppies are $2000 unless otherwise stated 

All Show prospects are $2000

All Show/Breeding Champion adults are $2000 and up depending on the amount of DNA testing done.


*We do not do any payment plans unless agreed on, in writing, by both parties. We give from the time they are born, up to 8 weeks old for you to pay for your puppy in full. After such time WE WILL NOT HOLD the puppy and it will be sold without any notification and we Will Refund all But But the $200 Deposit  .


* Everything FOR SALE will be listed  on my Available Page. Pet puppies will be listed as such and sold for that price, the same goes for the Show Prospects and Show/Breeding Adults and Pups.


* Prices listed above are for the dogs only. All additional costs such as crates, shots, etc will be posted separately.


* Although I have a waiting list the puppies/adults will be a first come, first serve basis. Puppies are usually ready to go at 8 weeks of age unless going overseas or the US. All puppies/adults must be paid for in full prior to shipping - NO EXCEPTIONS!. A charge of $40 a week will be charged if your unable to get your puppy at 8 weeks of age 


* We do not accept deposits on any of the available puppies Until Born 


* Glasgowhill Collies is only required to provide a Canadian Certificate Of Registration from the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club ) to the new owner once the puppy/adult is registered in Canada. Any additional paperwork needed, such as 3 or 4 generation pedigree, etc., will be the responsibility of the new owner to acquire. The new owner will need to contact their own country's Kennel Club to the the information needed to register the dog in that Country.


* All of our adult dogs are DNA tested. Those results will be provided when your new puppy is acquired. We will not DNA test each and every puppy, but...if you want your puppy tested( At your Expense )we will gladly collect the DNA and send it to Paw Prints Genetics after the new owner has set up an account with Paw Prints Genetics so that the results are sent to them.


* UNITED STATES CUSTOMERS - a puppy must be vaccinated for rabies prior to entry into the Country. We cannot vaccinate until the age of 12 weeks and the puppy can't be shipped until 30 days after the vaccination. Therefore your puppy is here until it's 16 weeks old. From 8 - 16 weeks these are the additional costs:

rabies vaccination - $60

International Health Certificate - $100

Crate - $120 and up 

Food (Per months) - $40

Training (per months) - $150

Transportation to airport - $75

US Customers are more than welcome to come pick up their puppy after 8  weeks As long as you have a valid Heath  Certificate there should be no problems crossing or flying with your puppy 


* International travel to countries other than the United States - Please contact your government agency to find out all the requirements for importing a dog prior to importation. There may be documents you have to obtain prior to receiving your dog. Give yourself at least 4 weeks to do anything you will need on your end. This is your responsibility as I have responsibilities on this end. All fees incurred on our end prior to shipping will be added to the cost of the dog.


* It's expensive to import a dog and those costs are the responsibility of the new owner. Please remember this when you are inquiring about a puppy or adult. Please do not take time away from someone else's puppy if you can't afford all the costs of getting a puppy.


* Here at Glasgowhill Collies we adhere to the letter of the law regarding our puppies. We will NOT change the age of the puppy/dog to make it fit your requirements nor will we ask our Vet to do anything illegal when shipping. JUST DON'T ASK!! 

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