Welcome to our planned litter page here you will find  our upcoming Litters We will post when females are bred  and when puppies arrive . All Our puppies are CKC registered ,Checked by our vet, have 1st vaccinations and are de wormed ,We do not let puppies go to new homes till they are over 8 weeks of age all our pups are raised in our HOME .  All our pups are   $2000   rough or smooth ,All our puppies are sold on contract  And are health  guaranteed . We only take deposits when puppies are born . Puppy pictures will be posted here once they arrive 
Litters planned  for  2022 Are listed below 
We reserve the right  to Pick Puppy/s  of any of our litters .We also reserve the right to $500 deposit that is non refundable if YOU back out of the purchase of a puppy. We also reserve the right to refuse sale  in this case the deposit will be retuned . 
ALL our puppies are checked  by a Board certified Ophthalmologist 

Please go to personal pages and see all health testing done .Each dog has there own personal page under there names 

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We just have this one litter planned  for now  Glasgowhill's Glenelg Storm Chaser (Storm) will be bred to    Glasgowhill's Fashion Crusader "Prada" She has been bred