CAN CH & UKC CH  Glasgowhill's Legacy Of Twin Pine 

" Wilson "


Wilson's Dad Am Ch Anndale's TwinPine Booms Like Thunder  

Wilson's Mom Twin Pines Sandy's Amazing Grace 

Introducing Glasgowhill's legacy Of Twin Pine " Wilson " COI on 10 generations is 3.96% Father is Annsdale;s Twin Pine Booms Like Thunder Mom Is Twin Pine Sandy's Amazing Grace Breeder Steve Clark A Study on his 10 generation pedigree says so much these dog have the greatest influence DNA wise for they within his pedigree have a COI of 13 or more Coi's will be listed behind there names
Kelstrin Tartanside Twist 25%
Am Ch Riverrun's Lion Pride 18.75%
Am Ch Vennessee Midnight Express 29.98%
Am Ch Riverrun Vennessee's The Traveler Of Galatean 17.16%
Am Ch Riverrun Lionheart 13.74%
Am Ch Fury's The Spirit of legend's 80.18 %
Am Ch cheviot Sollis Gallant Boy 26.88%
Am Ch Executive the Equalizer 53.91%
Am Ch Twin Oaks Joker's wild 35.94%
Tatrtanside Ravishibg 16.41%
Am CH Tartanside Arabesque 16.41%
Westwend 's Hocus Pocus 18.75%
Cheviot Sollis Center Stage 13.66%
Am Can CH Alfenloch masterpiece 71.28
Vennessee Krystal Lace 25%

And the list goes on and on I will be doing Wilson's whole collie DNA Panel He is CERF Normal Eyed .I have been looking for a dog like him for a couple of
years now and I'm so grateful to his breeders for allowing me the opportunity to own this wonderful boy

pedigree_Glasgowhill Legacy Of Twin Pine